Our Mission

Here at Smart Snout© we believe that every dog is unique and very special to their owner.

With dog thefts becoming more common we decided to do something about it!

The Smart Snout© journey then began….

Our App has been launched with the aim of deterring criminals from stealing your beloved dog. Should you be unfortunate to have your dog stolen or lost, we believe that with the Smart Snout app, you will be re-united with your loved one again.

Bringing Smart Snout© to life….

We believe that with modern day algorithm technology, we now have the capabilities to ensure your dog stays within your control. Technology has been used for many years in the fight against crime and missing persons. We have seen an opportunity to use this in the canine industry.

Who we’ve worked with….

To create the Smart Snout© App we’ve worked with dog owners, shelters and those who’ve lost and found dogs to create the app that you’re using today. This has ensured that the App will work based on a customers perspective.

We won’t sit on our laurels….

We believe that the App should be is yours to improve, so if you’ve got any ideas or comments, then please get in touch. We will be shortly introducing a new touch scanning system for yourself and your dog. Placing yours and your dog’s unique print together on your profile making change of ownership impossible .

Canine identity is very important , so important our application makes sure your canines identity cannot be changed unless you authorise these changes in your secure profile on your mobile device .

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