Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cost to register you dog, the App is free.

You have 2 options, Sign up too register your dog or continue as guest to scan a lost or stolen dog to help find the owner.

If your dog goes missing or is stolen then select the lost or stolen button on your private profile to send out notifications too all registered users.

Members of public, public services or canine centres can just use the scanner as a guest to find out if the dog is stolen or lost which will then activate the chat or call functionality. If the dog is not marked as missing then no contact details will be available.

You will receive a notification that your dog has been found with the details of location and contact name and number. You will then be able to communicate with the person that found the dog depending on what function you chose for communication.

The app reads the biometric pattern on your dogs nose, each nose is the same as a human finger print and its unique to each and every dog.

Microchips can be tampered with or removed. A dogs nose pattern is unique to that dog and can’t be changed.

We believe that with modern day algorithm technology, we now have the capabilities to ensure your dog stays within your control.

As a registered user, you have the ability to change or add another dog. You can also amend your contact details in the profile page.

Any potential buyer can scan a new puppy or dog before they buy so they and have peace of mind that it is not lost or stolen.

Police and border force can scan instantly using the app and recover any stolen dogs they find. Dogs can’t be smuggled out the country as border control can use the app to determine if they have been stolen. You will also be notified that your dog has been found.

Smart Snout have no access to your private details. Database information is stored securely, complying with GDPR protocols and certified by ISO27001.

Inside with no shadows. Natural light will help to create the best image to show all the nose details.

Don’t worry, the app has a feature to crop and rotate if required. Then you can adjust the picture so the nose fills the box.

Not only is Smart Snout the cheapest form of security for your dog, but also the strongest. With an unbeatable system, we hope to reunite you with your loved canine in good time.

Technology has been used for many years in the fight against crime and missing persons. We have seen an opportunity to use this in the canine industry. Using nose recognition algorithms, we believe this gives you greater control over your canines destiny.

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