Please note: The information on this page refers to version 1.0 and may differ from version 2.0 which is soon to be released!

Smart Snout uses Biometric technology and AI to protect pets against loss and theft.

Scan and create a unique fingerprint from your dog’s nose and other distinguishing features.


Smart Snout technology utilises the individual pattern found on a dog’s nose. Dog noses, or at least the patterns on the nose, are unique to every single dog.

The Smart Snout App uses your phone’s camera technology to record the detail and pattern of your dog’s nose in the same way that scanners work on human fingertips. This technology can make a unique biometric record of a dog’s individual identity.

Anyone with a smart phone who finds a lost or stolen dog can use the Smart Snout App for free to instantly identify and notify the pet parents that their beloved dog has been found.

Pets are irreplaceable family members, and with the Smart Snout app, we’re hoping to help keep more pets in their loving family homes.

Think Smart, think Smart Snout.

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